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company news about What is ultrasonic level sensor?

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Company News
What is ultrasonic level sensor?
Latest company news about What is ultrasonic level sensor?

What is ultrasonic level sensor?


Ultrasonic level sensor is widely used in chemical industry, water treatment, water conservancy, food, grain and other industries. The product has the characteristics of safety, cleanliness, high precision, long life, stability and reliability, convenient installation and maintenance, and simple reading. The ultrasonic level gauge is a digital level instrument controlled by a microprocessor. In measurement, pulsed ultrasound is emitted by a sensor (transducer), and the acoustic wave is reflected by the surface of the object and received by the same sensor, which is converted into electrical signals.


What are the characteristics of ultrasonic level sensor?


1. The probe does not need to open a hole in the vessel under test, so it can truly realize non-contact measurement. It is suitable for accurate measurement of liquid level of toxic, volatile, flammable, explosive and corrosive liquid media in various sealed containers.


2. The instrument has a long life without any mechanical movable parts. And strictly sealed and isolated from the outside world. It will not wear or corrode, and the maintenance workload is very small.


3. It has a wide range of applications. It can be used to measure various liquid media in highly toxic, highly corrosive, high pressure, various complex working conditions and explosive gas environment.


4. Intelligent hardware integrated circuit is built in the instrument, which makes the instrument small, stable and reliable. It is suitable for all kinds of tested liquids and containers. It is easy to install on site and does not need complicated on-site calibration.


5. The instrument does not need to be calibrated regularly. The instrument has built-in calibration functions such as automatic temperature correction and automatic fixed distance calibration, which make the measurement results more accurate and reliable.

latest company news about What is ultrasonic level sensor?  0latest company news about What is ultrasonic level sensor?  1

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