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company news about The difference between different types of pressure sensors

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Company News
The difference between different types of pressure sensors
Latest company news about The difference between different types of pressure sensors

Pressure sensor is one of the most commonly used sensors in industrial practice. It is widely used in various industrial automatic control environments. There are many types of pressure sensors. When choosing the corresponding pressure sensors, mastering the differences of different sensors in advance can help you choose the appropriate pressure sensors and avoid errors. Now Atech will take you to know the difference between different types of pressure sensors.


1. Piezoresistive force sensor: Resistance strain gauge is one of the main components of piezoresistive strain sensor. The working principle of metal resistance strain gauge is that the strain resistance adsorbed on the matrix material changes with mechanical deformation, which is commonly called resistance strain effect.


2. Ceramic pressure sensor: ceramic pressure sensor is based on piezoresistive effect. Pressure directly acts on the front surface of ceramic diaphragm, which causes slight deformation of diaphragm. Thick film resistance is printed on the back of ceramic diaphragm and connected to a Wheatstone bridge. Because of piezoresistive effect of piezoresistor, the bridge produces a high linearity proportional to pressure and also proportional to the excitation voltage. Voltage signal and standard signal are calibrated as 2.0/3.0/3.3 mV/V according to different pressure ranges, which can be compatible with strain sensor.


3. Diffusion silicon pressure sensor: The working principle of diffusion silicon pressure sensor is also based on piezoresistive effect. Using piezoresistive effect principle, the pressure of the measured medium acts directly on the diaphragm of the sensor (stainless steel or ceramics), which makes the diaphragm produce micro-displacement proportional to the pressure of the medium, and changes the resistance value of the sensor. The change is detected by electronic circuit, and the output is converted. A standard measurement signal corresponding to this pressure.


4. Sapphire pressure transducer: Using strain resistance principle and using silicon-sapphire as semiconductor sensor, it has unparalleled metering characteristics. Therefore, the semiconductor sensor made of silicon-sapphire is insensitive to temperature change and has good working characteristics even at high temperature. Sapphire has strong radiation resistance. In addition, silicon-sapphire semiconductor sensor has no p-n drift.


5. Piezoelectric pressure sensor: Piezoelectric effect is the main working principle of piezoelectric sensor, piezoelectric sensor can not be used for static measurement, because the charge after external force is saved only when the circuit has infinite input impedance. This is not the case in practice, so it determines that piezoelectric sensors can only measure dynamic stress.

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